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With the experience of a lifetime of locals running tours, you won’t be disappointed on your island getaway, available for you either privately or with others. and can choose from both long tail boats and speed boats

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Beach & Islands

Our main activities are beach vacations and snorkeling on various islands.

Fishing & Squid Hunter

We have a squid fishing team. That helps make your leisure activities more exciting.


Kayaking challenge activity In the mangrove environment and adventure in the clear pond.

Rock Climbing

is a sport in which participants climb up, across, or down natural rock formations

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Great opportunity for Krabi & travels

If you come to Krabi Beach in the southern part of Thailand. Let us serve you with specialists. Our team is local people with skills, expertise and better access to local activities.
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Great opportunity for Beach Islands & Snorkeling

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Includes equipment necessary for safety while traveling at sea.

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Same price for both Thais and foreigners. There are discount coupons from items on the website.

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We are the original people of Ao Nang, a team of guides who can provide clear knowledge and assistance.

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